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Cora Sue 

Raised in Berkeley, Cora Sue Anthony discovered her love for design while working in the theater. After having the opportunity to work in productions in various theaters, she went to Broadway, worked as a stagehand and began teaching stage design. After returning to California in 1998, Cora Sue met a professional home stager who taught her the subtle differences in home staging. After quickly realizing that staging homes for sale was her passion, she opened her own business, Anthony Staging. In a very short amount of time, she became well known for turning everyday dwellings into model homes that secure astounding sales prices for sellers. Her work led to her own HGTV series called “Real Estate Interventions.” Cora Sue has always been a firm believer in giving back to the community. When she’s not staging homes, Cora Sue makes a difference by decorating chemotherapy units in hospitals all over the world through “RoomsThatRock4Chemo.” www.RoomsThatRock4Chemo.org


Christina Gaskin
Marketing Lead

Christina brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, after graduating from Fordham University with honours, she gained two years experience leading the Marketing of prestigious New Developments in New York City. She prides herself on using the latest innovations and strategy to ensure she attracts qualified buyers. She is proficient in the development and execution of bespoke marketing campaigns to allow you to stand out from other sellers. Christina works extensively as well as creatively and matches my problem solving, people-first approach to business.

In her spare time, you can find her playing professional basketball in Europe, which works great for the team, as she allows us to be online, when everyone else is offline.

Marcell Puzsar

Marcell Puzsar is a Hungarian born, international award-winning photographer, who is constantly creating breathtaking images in his favorite 1:3 panorama format. Having spear-headed countless photography tours and several photo exhibitions globally, Marcell is currently being recognized as one of the emerging talents in panoramic photography.

After traveling the world on different photographic assignments for nearly 10 years he now calls San Francisco and the magnificent Bay Area his home. His work is diverse and captures both the magnificence of natural landscapes and the man-made augustness of our cityscapes, including luxurious homes within the Bay Area.

Marcell’s inspiration comes from the grandeur of our living world and thought of being able to instantly capture those great moments, a talent that he discovered at an early age. Marcell is a free spirit and has happy, contented soul, especially when he is living out his passion. He thrives on adventure and the beauty of other countries and prides himself in being a dreamer and a believer, a loyal friend and partner, and a charismatic individual that surrounds himself with a remarkable group of family and friends.

Phone 510.414.8903 Email: Karen@KarenGartz.com

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