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Giving 4 Paws

I am proud to have helped thousands of homeless animals over the years in their journey finding their way home.  I am the founder of Giving4Paws, a community service organization and nationwide network of animal love real estate agents.  My mission is to mobilize the REALTOR® community to address and impact the plight of homeless animals throughout the country. Giving4Paws members accepted in to our network are the most experienced and successful real estate agents in the business, many of them are personally known through relationships I’ve built over many years.

We are involved in our communities and share an intense determination to eliminate euthanasia in our shelters. For every closed real estate transaction, each agent voluntarily makes a substantial donation from their earnings to our non profit animal rescue organization partners. Need an agent to represent you? Let us take the guesswork out of finding the right real estate agent anywhere in the country. Each one of us plays a role in helping our human clients (and animals) find their way home.


How it all started…..

I’ve always had animals in the family since I was a little kid.  My passion for helping homeless animals started when I lived in Los Angeles, where hundreds of animals daily were euthanized in city and county shelters.  I knew I had to do something. I started volunteering my time and donating money casually, which quickly becoming countless hours and money to help animals. My claim to fame was running a red light in reverse trying to capture a stray dog and YES, I was successful!!.

I’ve always wondered……how I can do more to help homeless animals?  After 18 successful years in the real estate business and a large nationwide personal network of real estate agents nationwide, I took my love for animals a step further, created Giving4Paws,  and enlisted my connections (and their connections) who share my passion for helping animals.

Together, and with the help of our clients, we support the tireless efforts of non profit animal rescue organizations throughout the Unites States.

Please join with us. For more information, visit Giving4Paws


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